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Listen: It's a Sound Show

LISTEN: IT'S A SOUND SHOW is an immersive, one-night-only, multimedia art event scheduled for June 3, 2017 at Equinox Studios in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle.

LISTEN presents a dynamic and complex range of works that foreground the act of listening as a key element. The exhibition features stationary artworks and sound installations around which live performances will be choreographed in space and time throughout the evening, negotiating a changing, shared sound space in provocative and unpredictable ways.

Although LISTEN centers the auditory experience, for us, the act of "listening" goes beyond “hearing.” Listening implies that new information has been received and a transformation has occurred. It delineates a before and an after, and refers to communication and its consequences. A recurring theme in LISTEN is that of liminality, the subtle potential of crossing over. Borders are crossed, boundaries are questioned. 

Featured participants include musicians, multimedia artists, activists, and poets from Seattle as well as Portland, Eugene, Los Angeles and New York, fostering conversations between practitioners of diverse media and bridging the coasts. The artists coming together for this project use various methods of inquiry to ask who (or what) we listen to, and why. In this way, the act of listening becomes inherently politicized, dynamic, transformative and collaborative.

A zine is also being produced by Mount Analogue to accompany LISTEN, capturing a cross-section of the technological presentation of works in the show, ranging from HD projection and state-of-the-art sound installation to headphones and humble, embodied objects such as found antique radios. This range of presentation methods—and all the historical associations they may conjure—foreground the audience's experience of listening as an active undertaking and the role of media and technology in shaping and contextualizing that experience.

Curators Emily Pothast & Molly Mac, 2017

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